In this episode I get to talk to to one of the most spirited and passionate women I've met. For way too long, she was enduring some health challenges that kept her up at night, held her in perpetual pain and discomfort, and overall led her to try anything to ease her burden. She saught medical help and for years felt frustrated at her inability to cure what most women can easily do with over the counter medication. It wasn't until a good friend of hers joked about how alcohol is an enemy of health issues like hers and it dawned on her she was going to give it a shot. She quit drinking in order to alleviate her health problems and slowly noticed her ailments improving. What started as a hypothesis to curb her pain became a lifelong commitment to sobriety.

Mabel is a career and mindfulness coach who has been sober for over almost 4 and a half years. Mabel started her sober journey for health reasons at the beginning of 2019, but even as her symptoms improved, the clarity and joy from no longer drinking was something she didn't want to up. Originally from the UK, Mabel now lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania where she continues to live a sober life. 

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