Sobriety through the Enneagram


Let’s face it, sobriety is hard and looks different for every woman. Why wouldn’t you use a tool that honors the wildly unique woman you are?!

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What does the enneagram have to do with sobriety?

What does the enneagram have to do with sobriety?

What does the enneagram have to do with sobriety?

The biggest mistake most women make is not considering what they are going to be doing with their free time now that they are no longer drinking. They are focusing so much on just making it through another day. They feel unfulfilled, bored, and they question if this is really worth it. Boredom and frustration are common feelings that will show up. If you haven’t developed a sound game plan to deal with these emotions, drinking is going to be an enticing option. 

When you take action on your self-care, personal development, and seek out new interests, the struggles of simply making it through another day begin to diminish. It is vital to your sobriety to curate a life that is supportive of who you are as an individual, and the enneagram is a key component to unlocking that freedom.


You aren’t taking care of yourself when you’re drinking. Let’s find the self-care perfect for you!


You drink when you’re stressed, so let’s identify people or circumstances that stress you out.

Habits and Hobbies

Boredom is setting yourself up to drink. Let’s get you a personalized list of habits and hobbies to fill your time. And yes, you will enjoy them!

Trigger Identification

Do you find yourself mindlessly reaching for a drink? The enneagram can expose triggers that are causing you to drink.

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What clients are saying about the enneagram and their sobriety

I  knew nothing about the Enneagram until she explained it in further detail. What was so neat  is that she created a toolkit specifically for me, based on my Enneagram number. Now I am able to enjoy the things I missed out on when I was drinking heavily. I have discovered what habits I should make, what self-care practices to do, what activities would be best for me in case I do get bored, as well as what kinds of people I should be associating with. This has really changed my life!

– Gina

My sobriety enneagram report for me is SO incredibly spot on. I found that this helped me reach deeper depths of my “why” and “how” around being sober. I feel super seen by this report. It gave me tips on how to take care of myself and nurture my relationships… and honestly just makes me excited to continue my sobriety journey. If you are wanting to be sober, sober curious or even already sober… I highly recommend working with Molly. SO incredibly helpful!

– Jen

Why the Enneagram?

With so much information on healthy habits you should be forming, or self-care that is relaxing and rejuvenating it can seem overwhelming to know where to begin. The problem is that these recommendations are not specific to your personality. If you’ve found yourself struggling with conjuring up the motivation and desire to start a consistent exercise routine, or you dread attending the ‘required-not required’ networking events regularly then you’re in the right place!

When you are practicing self-care that aligns with your personality, you are naturally more motivated to make the time and effort. When your habits align to who you are at a very personal and soulful level, they just come more naturally to you. 

pink enneagram