I haven't had many healthcare professionals respond to my request to be interviewed on This is Sober, so I jumped at the chance when this nurse emailed me asking to share her story. I am grateful for her work in the field and her multi-passionate attitude towards helping others overcome their alcohol struggles.

In this episode Christy Sloan shares her story of her struggles with alcohol, how she white knuckled through her first year of sobriety, and how not confronting the underlying issues caused her to return to drinking. After watching her dad pass away from alcohol and smoking-related esophogeal cancer, she knew she needed a change both for herself and her new baby.

Christy Sloan is a BSN, RN, Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga teacher, and currently working towards Board Certification as a Nurse Coach and Holistic Nurse with the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy. As a professional woman in recovery from alcohol abuse, she passionately promotes health and healing with integrative and holistic approaches. She advocates for people to stop asking whether or not they're an alcoholic and instead ask, “Is alcohol serving my life?”


Molly Desch is a certified women's sober coach, advocate for sober-awareness, podcast host, and single mother of 2.

As the Founder of As You Are, a Sober Women's Coaching company, she has worked with women from all walks of life to free themselves from alcohol with renewed energy, confidence, and pride using her Sustainable Path to Sobriety program. She has been featured in publications such as CBS, NBC, Authority Magazine, WomELLE, and Real Simple. 

She also hosts “This is Sober”, the podcast that focuses on exploring what life in sobriety is really like. Each week she dives into topics that impact those who are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol providing useful tips and strategies to string more days together and eventually overcome the drinking hamster wheel.


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