Sober Dating

4 women share how it changed their love lives.

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Health Benefits to Skipping Booze

MIAMI – Mahina Douglas says she loves to socialize but after the holidays she’s been thinking about cutting back on alcohol.

“I just felt like my drinking was getting, I guess a little more than I was comfortable with it being,” Douglas said.

She decided to try “Dry January,” a month-long sobriety challenge. She even hired Molly Desch, a “sobriety coach”.

“Dry January actually has a ton of benefits, aside from the health benefits, you have cleaner skin, you’ll sleep better, you’ll also save money,” Desch said….(read full article)

5 Tips for a Successful Dry January

Dry January is the practice of abstaining from alcoholic drinks for the first month of the year. Certified life coach Molly Desch shares some tips to make your month successful.

How to Do Dry January (and Make It Easier), According to Experts


Make a list of activities that involve drinking.

If your favorite hobbies typically involve or promote drinking—like happy hour with friends, dancing at the club, or day drinking at the beach—they may prove to be too difficult to maintain alongside a sobriety challenge. So it’s important to find alternatives for them to help you stay focused. “If drinking is a big part of your daily or weekly routine, and you want to abstain, you have to do things differently,” Molly Desch, certified sober life coach, says simply. “The first step I have all of my clients do when they first start working with me is come up with a list of 30 interests, hobbies, and activities that are personal to them. Right away, they have a list of alternatives to drinking.”

….(read full article)

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