Gina Kunadian is a wife, mother, certified massage therapist, and alcohol recovery coach who has committed her life to helping women overcome their alcohol dependency, without traditional 12-step programs. She helps clients create unshakeable confidence, clarity, and energy so they can unleash their creative potential and live the lives of their dreams, alcohol free!

Aside from being a mother, Gina is most proud of overcoming her alcoholism. After trying inpatient to outpatient treatment, counseling, AA, rehab to relapse and beyond, she finally surrendered to her faith and found it was key to building a life of sobriety.

Today, Gina is proud to be over 5 years sober, and has used her experience to craft her signature “Transformation Shining Process” to help other women recover from alcoholism so they can stop sacrificing their lives, achieve their goals, and live life on their terms!

In this episode, Gina tells us about:

  • The tragic sexual abuse she experienced at a very young age
  • Abuse in relationships in her teens
  • Introduction to ecstasy and alcohol
  • Her hospitalizations and rehab admissions
  • Finding recovery through church, serving, and her mentor
  • Meeting her current husband when least expecting
  • How you can find sobriety through reframing of your mind, establishing a healthy, mindful morning routine, positive self-talk, and a relationship with a higher power

Find Gina online:

IG: @thenewyou_kunadian