In this episode I talk to professional Astrologer Caitlin McPhail. She's been a long-time student of astrology and is the founder of ValYou Wellbeing, providing astrology readings to clients for over 5 years.

In my personal sobriety journey, I have turned to astrology time and time again to help me overcome the uncertainty in my life. I have used the planetary alignments, the moon, my natal chart, and transit readings to guide me and help me make important decisions. Caitlin dives into all the things astrology and provides super helpful tips for those in sobriety:

  • How to you use your natal chart to find your purpose
  • How your natal chart influences addiction
  • Transit readings are helpful when mapping out the future and planning
  • How you can get natal readings for your children to assist you in their upbringing
  • How astrology has helped me with emotional turbulence caused by planetary alignments

and so much more!

If you are skeptical about astrology, this episode is for you.

If you love astrology and are sober curious, this episode is for you.

Hell, this episode is helpful for anyone that is looking to find their purpose in life and live a more heart-centered and life with their eyes open.

You can contact Caitlin for natal chart reading, transit readings, and child readings by visiting ValYou Wellbeing Consulting.


You can email her at [email protected]


Molly Desch is a certified women's sober coach, advocate for sober-awareness, podcast host, and single mother of 2.

As the Founder of As You Are, a Sober Women's Coaching company, she has worked with women from all walks of life to free themselves from alcohol with renewed energy, confidence, and pride using her Sustainable Path to Sobriety program. She has been featured in publications such as CBS, NBC, Authority Magazine, WomELLE, and Real Simple. 

She also hosts “This is Sober”, the podcast that focuses on exploring what life in sobriety is really like. Each week she dives into topics that impact those who are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol providing useful tips and strategies to string more days together and eventually overcome the drinking hamster wheel.

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