Sustainable Path For Sobriety

Release the fear, conquer your drinking misbeliefs, and live free!
3 Pillars of Her

Is This Program Right For You?

Do any or (all) of these sound familiar?

√ You want to quit drinking, but the fear is paralyzing you from making that leap


√ You need real-time accountability


√ You are tired of waking up feeling like shit, lacking the energy to take real action


√ You’re ready to discover who you are and all you can be


√ You feel alone and want someone who understands where you are and what you’re going through


√ You’re over trying to moderate and want REAL lasting change


√ You’re ready to LOOK + FEEL amazing


√ Group recovery isn’t your jam, you want a personalized and proven program that meets you where you are at

If you answered YES to any of the above,


Molly guided me down this path and helped me find the confidence and tools I needed to get through my journey. She has given me the gift of finding sobriety but also, I got my life back! I feel free, I feel empowered, and I know this chapter is just the beginning of a whole new journey ahead for me!



To say that working with Molly has changed my life is an understatement. I have more self-confidence and I am able to deal with life and it’s everyday situations and stressors with a calmer attitude. I am able to deal with my cravings in a healthy way with the tools Molly and I have created together. That is the great thing about Molly’s program, it is tailored to you and for you so whatever works for you, Molly will find that. 



By being a part of this program you will walk away with all of this…

Embracing Who You Are


  • Discover how your personality uniquely impacts your relationship to alcohol
  • Design your own standards and expectations to gain more control over your life
  • Uncover your innate predispositions so that the program can be customized to your specific needs


Using my signature 3-step Discovering You process, we will uncover what makes you reach for the booze, what your proverbial achilles heel is, and your predispositions that can trip you up on your sobriety path. This wisdom will serve as the backbone to your unique healing program, so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Doing Things Differently


  • Identify the internal and external stimuli that activates your brain to crave a drink
  • Uncover previous experiences directly impacting your drinking behavior
  • Utilizing the 3-step Discovering You, we will explore alternative hobbies and interests so that you will have a game plan of what else you are going to do once you quit drinking
  • Identify new habits that bring joy and fulfillment in your life. These replace and supplement your existing habits so that you have options at your fingertips


Nail down all of your unique stressors and habits, happening at the subconscious level, and replace them with new habits, interests, and thoughts that will become the solid foundation upon which you will build your alcohol-free future.

Building Your Toolbox


  • Establish a daily routine that provides calm and positivity in your day-to-day
  • Reveal your hidden desires in order to redirect your awareness forward
  • Commit to a new hobby and gain additional inspiration and purpose


Your toolbox contains all of your personalized defense mechanisms to avoid falling prey to the false illusion that alcohol will be your friend. The tools that we will begin adding to your toolbox can be used anytime, anywhere and have proven success.

De-Stress and Calm


  • Discover how to slow down during stressful or emotional situations
  • Master the tips and tricks to experience the peace, stillness, clarity, and self-control on demand


Create a bond with yourself that will allow you to take comfort in knowing you hold the key to your peace. You will strengthen positive habits that will ease your worries about returning to alcohol.

Expand and Grow Your Spirituality


  • Connect with your higher power and nature in a way that your body, mind, and soul are singing
  • Learn to quiet the mind and listen to what your heart is saying. Shed light on the negativity that is surrounding you throughout your day


You are going to slow down, go inside yourself, and listen to what your heart is whispering to you. Using your personalized spiritual preferences and practices, you develop a stronger connection to self and your intuition. 

Release the Shame


  • Uncover the shame that is lurking underneath and give yourself the permission to remove it from your life
  • Identifying how shame and guilt differ and how they show up in your life
  • Apply your knowledge of shame and guilt to incorporate compassion into your daily routine


Discover how to identify the shame that you are feeling, how to acknowledge it, and how to release it. Receive a free healing session from my trusted and well-respected partner.

Give Yourself Compassion


  • Understand what it means to give yourself compassion, the benefits of habitual practice of compassion and how to extend this to others
  • Create the blueprint for taking back the control in your life, regaining the energy to not only be a full participant in your own life, but your spouse’s and your kids’ lives, and radiating pride in yourself


Recognize how slipping up and beating yourself up is impacting your shame which leads to more drinking. It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself, and give yourself compassion.

Create Boundaries


  • Establish healthy boundaries for yourself that include your mind, body and spirit
  • Lovingly present your boundaries to your spouse and children so that they are aware of and can respect your healing journey


Pinpoint what your hard boundaries and soft boundaries are, how to establish them with those around you, and what to do when someone tries to overstep them. You will become empowered to say no and mean it.

Live Sober!!


  • Create your personal long-term sobriety plan and share that with your loved ones
  • Experience the freedom of living a life without alcohol


You will be fully equipped with your personalized tools for long-term support. We are in this together!

The Sustainable Path For Sobriety

The Sustainable Path For Sobriety program is designed to pull out all the uniqueness that makes up you so that you can easily build new habits and the confidence to break free from the chains of alcohol!

Choose from a 3 OR 6-month program

You’ll get weekly personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, private messaging access, real-time accountability, professional healing session to clear limiting beliefs and blockages, and laser-focused coaching to guide you to achieve your highest potential.