Alcohol-Free Toolbox

An Alcohol-Free Toolbox is a collection of resources and strategies that are unique to you and can be utilized throughout your sobriety. By building your personal toolbox you will gain the confidence, comfort, and balance necessary to remain sober.

Your toolbox will become your go-to resource that will carry you through tough times, maneuver around cravings when they arise, and help you make positive choices.

Your toolbox can include anything from hobbies to habits, from knowing your triggers to managing stress. You can add new tools at any time and modify or remove existing tools as you continue to grow on your journey.

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How Wine Stole My Dreams

Curious what YOUR sober life will look like?

Choosing to get sober can be terrifying. 

What will you do with your free time?

How will you combat urges?

How can you begin to feel like yourself again?

This workbook, through guided prompts, journal entries, and introductions to new ideas, will help you answer all of these questions and much more!!

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