In today's episode, we're joined by the remarkable Vera, whose journey into sobriety is as compelling as it is inspiring. Growing up in a high-pressure Chinese household, Vera turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to socialize and escape the immense expectation to excel. Her quest for belonging led her to a pivotal moment with her first line of cocaine, chasing a surge of dopamine that felt like a newfound freedom. Yet, it was in the quietude of her room, amidst books and study, that her true path to liberation began to unfold.

Enter the transformative power of Yoga—a practice that not only opened Vera to sobriety but also guided her to discover the art of self-nurturance. Throughout our conversation, Vera shares the essence of replacing the temporary highs of drugs or alcohol with something profoundly “delicious”—a journey of nurturing oneself that's essential for anyone walking the path of recovery.

Vera's down-to-earth nature and her deeply moving story shine a light on the importance of finding joy in healthy alternatives. She has since created a unique coaching program, weaving together meditation and yoga for an all-encompassing experience that leaves her clients exclaiming, “wow, I needed that!”

Join us as we delve into Vera's transformative journey, exploring the crucial steps toward self-care and sobriety, and uncover how she's helping others to find their own path to healing and happiness.

Vera is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and RYT500 Yoga Instructor and Meditation Teacher. Through overcoming her own struggles with addiction, Vera believes in the potential of every person to build an authentic life filled with meaning, joy, and healthy relationships. Her mission is to support people who feel disconnected from others and themselves to rediscover that connection through yoga, mindfulness and coaching. She advocates for those who want to make a change and creates a safe environment that encourages exploration and discovery.