Sustainable Path for Sobriety Program FAQs

Common Questions

How do you usually work with clients?

Women are innately unique, therefore, any sort of restorative assistance should be equally unique. My passion and focus is to dig into my clients’ inner-workings to uncover the most effective, yet gentle and easy-to-incorporate techniques so that they begin to thrive in their life.

Alcohol is an addictive substance and society makes quitting and wanting to quit very hard. I spend hours in the background designing and tweaking the program that fits each of my unique clients’ needs so that they don’t have to struggle with their inner-fixations and societal pressures of alcohol consumption.

Take back control of your life, stop letting alcohol ruin everything.

What's my First Step?

Click to book your free consultation and select a date and time that works for you. This free consultation will give me a better idea of who you are, where you are in your journey, and how I can help you. It also helps me determine if we are a right fit. I want to work with women who are determined and ready to make a change in their life.

Why Should You Work With Molly?


  • trying to moderate your drinking isn’t working
  • you’re tired of waking up at 3am feeling anxious
  • you need someone to hold you accountable
  • you want to fast-track your sobriety
  • AA isn’t your thing
  • she has been in your shoes and would never judge where you are
  • you want to develop healthy habits that are fun and inspiring 
  • she’s an expert who has helped other women just like you reclaim control of their life
What Benefits Will I Experience?


Hangovers with waking up refreshed

Night sweats with cuddling

Anxiety with peace

Anger with happiness

Shame with self-compassion

Disappointment with pride

Blackouts with memories

Regrets with I f*king did it!

How Will I Accomplish This?

You get to show up just as you are, right where you are. Together we will use proven processes and techniques that will lay the foundation of your personalized journey. No two women are the same, therefore every call, every interaction, and every result is all about you.

Through private coaching sessions and daily text support, I will get to know who you are and where you want to be. Your program will be tailored specifically for your goals at your speed. You’ll receive accountability and guidance so that you feel supported and confident.

I’m giving you the keys to your kingdom so you can get back to being the badass woman you were meant to be.

About Molly Desch

I spent most of my adult life subscribing to the belief that alcohol was normal, it was ok, and necessary in order to cope with everyday life. I spent most nights tucked away alone drinking myself out of my feelings and worries.

What I didn’t realize was, that in the process of my unhealthy coping, I was losing my identity, I was losing touch with the woman I was born to be.

My innate personality is one that craves knowledge and the ability to make sense of my environment. Combine that with my intense drive to be the best, I knew I needed something more. I’ve learned there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sobriety.

In a society that entraps you to think alcohol is the answer to every situation, I have mastered how to overcome that way of thinking and extract the best parts of ourselves in the process.

Molly is an ICF Certified Life Coach, has a degree in Psychology, and works with women who are ready to take back the reins on their lives, who are open to new ways of achieving real results, but need help along the way. You will walk away from The Alcohol-Free Foundations Program with a level of confidence that will allow you to say goodbye to the control alcohol has over your life. Giving you back your time, energy, and freedom to be your true authentic self.

What My Clients Are Saying


Melinda, California

To say that working with Molly has changed my life is an understatement. It has been years since I could say I have been 2 months sober. I have more self-confidence and I am able to deal with life and it’s everyday situations and stressors with a calmer attitude. I am able to deal with my cravings in a healthy way with the tools Molly and I have created together. That is the great thing about Molly’s program, it is tailored to you and for you so whatever works for you, Molly will find that. There is no one sized fits all. My relationships with my daughters and husband continue to improve daily. I cannot recommend Molly’s program enough, it has changed my life and it will change yours!


Emily, Maryland

I am happy to say I am making my way through life more present than I have ever been. It’s amazing to experience every day with a clearer view of life. One of the interesting lessons I have learned along this journey to sobriety is that when I started, I was so worried how I was going to find joy in things without alcohol, but now looking back, I don’t know how I enjoyed life with alcohol! The blinders are off, and everything is so raw so real and pure. I am learning who I am every day, here I am world. [Molly] guided me down this path and helped me find the confidence and learn what tools I needed to get through my journey. You have given me the gift of finding sobriety but also, I got my life back! I feel free, I feel empowered, and I know this chapter is just the beginning of a whole new journey ahead for me.

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