This episode is all about travelling sober. If taking a sober vacation scares the heebeegeebies out of you, this episode is for you!

Amy Hill, founder of Then She Went, is on a mission to change sober travel forever. Her very unique and incredibly amazing passion is taking women who are sober or sober curious to places like Guatemala, Columbia, and Mexico and opening their eyes to vacation sans alcohol. In this episode Amy talks about her previous relationship to alcohol, how that has changed in the past couple of years, how she is now living her best life, and helping other women overcome their fears of sober travel.

Amy has been living alcohol free since 2021 since she realized the profound effect alcohol was having in fueling her everyday anxiety. Over the course of the last two years she has completely re-imagined her life and it has learned to live aligned with her values. She is a Certified Naked Mind Coach and is passionate about educating others on how they can change their lives by changing their relationships with alcohol. As a lifelong explorer, she brings her work to the world through coaching and global sober curious events.

Follow her on Instagram: @thenshewent

TikTok: @then.she.went

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How Wine Stole My Dreams

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