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The podcast that focuses on exploring what life in sobriety is really like. Our podcast is dedicated to helping individuals who are sober, or are seeking sobriety, to live their best lives and achieve true freedom from addiction.


Each episode of “This is Sober” features interviews with inspiring individuals who have achieved sobriety and are living fulfilling, purposeful lives. We dive deep into their journeys towards sobriety, exploring the challenges they faced, the strategies they used to overcome them, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Our podcast also provides listeners with valuable tips and strategies for obtaining and maintaining sobriety. From mindfulness techniques to nutritional advice, we share the latest research and insights into what works best to support sobriety and promote overall well-being.

At “This is Sober” we believe that sobriety is not just about giving up alcohol or other substances, but about creating a life that is truly fulfilling and free. Our mission is to inspire and empower our listeners to embrace the power of sobriety and unlock their full potential, so they can live their best lives and achieve true freedom from addiction.

Join us each week as we explore the power of sobriety and celebrate the amazing individuals who have found freedom and purpose on their journey towards sobriety.


From Near Death to New Life: Jason Lennox

This episode features Jason Lennox, author of "A Perfect Tragedy: Finding Purpose in Pain, Loss, and Addiction." Jason tells me, "I want people to know the story is not just for those in recovery. It's designed to help everyone gain a deeper understanding of the trials and tribulations of an addiction journey, and has already resonated with many who grew up with similar struggles, even if...

Breaking Free from Shame: A Path to Lasting Recovery

In this episode, I dive deep into the topics of shame and compassion in sobriety. I share some of my personal experiences with shame and how it impacted my addiction and journey to sobriety. We explore the ways in which self-compassion can be a powerful tool for overcoming shame and maintaining sobriety, as well as practical strategies for cultivating self-compassion in everyday life. Join us...

Reframing Relapse: Finding Strength in Sobriety

In this episode, Molly talks about her experiences with relapse, what those experiences ultimately taught her, and how anyone working through sobriety can utilize relapse incidents as an opportunity to reframe their sobriety. - Her first relapse happened after over 365 days of consecutive sobriety; she fell victim to the false pretense that after a long enough duration of sobriety she could...

Breaking Free: Rediscovering Yourself After Addiction with Al Richards

When Al reached out to me, I wanted to learn more about him before our interview. I scoured his podcast, other podcasts he had been on and came up very short. I realized Al hasn't publicly spoke much about his addiction and I was determined to change that. Ironically enough, Al had that exact thought when he came on my show. And for one of the first times, he shares his story. Al Richards is a...

Bottled Up: The Devastating Effects of Underestimating Alcohol Addiction

This episode focuses on what to do and what not to do when a loved one comes to you saying they need help with their drinking. Too often, when someone very close suggests they have a problem with their drinking, the recipient undermines their opinion and underestimates their request for help. Imagine being on the giving end of such a request, you've been battling for days, weeks, even years...

Getting Sober Through Reframing Your Mind: Gina Kunadian

Gina Kunadian is a wife, mother, certified massage therapist, and alcohol recovery coach who has committed her life to helping women overcome their alcohol dependency, without traditional 12-step programs. She helps clients create unshakeable confidence, clarity, and energy so they can unleash their creative potential and live the lives of their dreams, alcohol free! Aside from being a mother,...

How do you deal with all the emotions after you get sober?

In this solo-cast, Molly talks about how our society is obsessed with blocking emotions. From overscheduling, overworking, online shopping, social media, and drinking. She talks about some techniques you can use to 'lean into' the emotions that come up after you quit drinking. She advises that learning healthy strategies for the myriad of emotions that come up after you quit drinking takes time....

My Story

In this episode, I talk about my story. What got me started drinking, why I kept drinking, and what prompted me to give it all up. Facebook: As You Are Life Coaching Instagram: @sober_mober Website:

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Welcome to This is Sober, where I talk about what it really means to be sober, what life looks like for me and others on this journey.