In this episode, I dive deep into the topics of shame and compassion in sobriety. I share some of my personal experiences with shame and how it impacted my addiction and journey to sobriety. We explore the ways in which self-compassion can be a powerful tool for overcoming shame and maintaining sobriety, as well as practical strategies for cultivating self-compassion in everyday life. Join us for this inspiring conversation about the role of shame and compassion in the recovery process.

Self-Compassion Meditation

“Self Compassion” by Kristin Neff

Molly Desch is a certified women’s sober coach, advocate for sober-awareness, podcast host, and single mother of 2.

As the Founder of As You Are, a Sober Women’s Coaching company, she has worked with women from all walks of life to free themselves from alcohol with renewed energy, confidence, and pride using her Sustainable Path to Sobriety program. She has been featured in publications such as CBS, NBC, Authority Magazine, WomELLE, and Real Simple.

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