Codependency can be described as someone who enables behaviors, such as rescuing, fixing, or taking responsibility for others' problems and consequences. Codependents may feel compelled to constantly help and control others, even at the expense of their own well-being. In this episode I share how I have noticed some of my past behaviors as codependent. When I learned someone very close to me was struggling with alcohol, I began rescuing, fixing, and taking responsibility for their problem. As I became self-aware of this, I have been able to step back and understand this as a pattern.

Self-awareness can be such a powerful tool in sobriety. It helps us recognize old behaviors that no longer serve us and allows us to develop healthier behaviors.


Molly Desch is a women's sober coach, advocate for sober-awareness, podcast host, and single mother of 2.

As the Founder of As You Are, a Sober Women's Coaching company, she has worked with women from all walks of life to free themselves from alcohol with renewed energy, confidence, and pride using her Sustainable Path to Sobriety program. She has been featured in publications such as CBS, NBC, Authority Magazine, WomELLE, and Real Simple.

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