In this episode, we sit down with Stacy, the founder of Real Everything, a blog that began as a platform for sharing paleo recipes and tips for families but evolved into a passionate advocacy for non-toxic healthy living. Stacy's journey took an unexpected turn when she decided to confront her relationship with alcohol. Guided by her focus on holistic health, she made the courageous decision to quit drinking and embrace a (w)holistically healthy lifestyle.

As the host of The Whole View podcast, Stacy shares her experiences and insights to help listeners become the best versions of themselves. Through our conversation, Stacy opens up about her decision to quit alcohol, recognizing that it didn't align with her values and the vibrant, toxin-free life she was cultivating.

We delve into the transformation she experienced after letting go of alcohol and how it positively impacted her physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Stacy shares the benefits of living a non-toxic lifestyle inside and out, fostering a deep sense of authenticity and connection with herself and her loved ones.

Join us as we explore Stacy's journey, gaining inspiration and practical wisdom for embracing a (w)holistically healthy lifestyle, and discover the power of aligning our choices with our true values for lasting well-being.

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